Taylor in Europe
Taylor is in Europe for two weeks singing and visiting Paris and London.
You can check out her performance on YouTube at : 
Taylor is back from Christmas Break and ready for many new things for 2009.  She is hard at work directing her focus onto writing country songs.  But don't worry, they might just have a little yodeling flair to them ;-)
Taylor will be keeping all her fans throughout the world up-to-date on her MySpace blog at www.myspace.com/taylorwareofficial.
Taylor is also working on some videos of her new songs so that everyone can see what she is working on.  She is really excited to see what her fans think of her country music.
So remember to check www.myspace.com/taylorwareofficial often to get the latest updates from Taylor on her music.  You just might even get to hear the newest material before anyone else.

Hoping Australians will start their day with a yodel.  I opened for Billly Ray Cyrus in Nevada and he  invited me to sing Achy Breaky Heart with him on stage.  I just about died.  We both yodeled together and danced and it was just a blast.  He is such a doll and so much fun.  No, Miley was not with him.  We did this in front of about 10,000 people and his band.  He can yodel too!  He is so sweet, and we did the whole song together!  I loved it.
I also just finished filming a movie.  I play "Nikki" a supporting role in a small Christian movie out of Hollywood.  But it is my first movie and I had a great time.  Really fun and had lines, and got hair and makeup like the big time.  It was the bomb...so much fun.  I had to pinch myself.
Just got back from the Elizabethtown Fair in Pennsylvania, my favorite fair.   I love those people so much.  They are so much fun and have such a wonderful time.  I also judged their American Idol contest and had a blast playing Paula.  I love everyone on their fair board. 
Thank you to everyone in my awesome Yodel Patrol Fan Club and to all of my friends.   My heartfelt thanks goes out to each and every one of you for being the most important part of making my dreams come true. 
Yodeling on the  "Rachael Ray" TV Show, Wednesday, October 3, www.rachaelrayshow.com  titled "Oktoberfest" was so much fun!   Nationally televised from New York City.   Yodel On!
Meeting Rachael Ray was a dream come true and she is so nice and bubbly in person.  The producer Shane Farley and the show treated me like a celebrity. 
I have about 3000 now in the Yodel Patrol Fan Club. 
Thank you all for liking yodeling.All of you out there that I meet at events, fairs, and festivals are so nice and are always so much fun.  You make me feel so great about my music and yodeling.  Thank you. 
You all are the reason I do what I do and with your continued support and encouragement the future is bright for all of us with dreams.  And I like hearing your yodeling stories...those of you who are yodeling, and those of you who like different styles.      
   Please join my "Yodel Patrol" Fan Club while you are here.  Only about 3 e-mails a year and it is FREE!  
Thank you,
I want to thank God for giving me the talent and opportunity to follow my dreams. And a big thank you to my wonderful family for all their love and support.

I just do what I love to do and have lots of fun. As the National Yahoo! Yodel Challenge winner, my dream of singing on the Grand Ole Opry several times has come true!
I just have to pinch myself to make sure it is all real.

I want to send a special "shout out" to my little brother Harrison....whom I love very much.

Special thanks to the best pickers in Nashville,
Yahoo! Internet Company - where the coolest people in the world work, thank you for all the wonderful support, Renee Grant Williams - for your loving help, All my friends at Walnut Grove Elementary and Principal Jordan - the best grade school in the South!  The Grand Ole Opry - where the most friendly and exciting people spread the love of Country Music.

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